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We have added x150 screencaps from the new Disney FeauturetteAll About Rey” to the image gallery. You can also watch the video below…


We have added x366 screencaps of Daisy from the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on Monday (November 23rd 2015) to the image gallery…


We have added x124 screencaps of Daisy behind the scenes with Mark Seliger for her ELLE magazine cover photoshoot. You can also watch the video below! You can pick up the December issue of ELLE, on newsstands nationwide NOW, scans to follow!


We have added a load of new photos of Daisy Ridley and Star Wars related things to the image gallery….

Hollywood Reporter Behind the Scenes Interview/Photoshoot

ASOS Photoshoot Outtakes

ASOS Interview Screencaps

Official Star Wars VII Japan Trailer Screencaps

Daisy Spotted in West London October 2015



The official trailer of JJ Abrams’s highly anticipated Star Wars installment, The Force Awakens, has been unleashed and opens with a masked figure seen scaling the gigantic interior of blackened ruins. A voiceover poses the compelling question: “Who are you?”

Without ever completely answering that question, the trailer, which premiered on the sports cable network ESPN during halftime of the Monday night NFL game, appears to establish who the film’s three lead characters are.

At two minutes and 23 seconds long, this latest trailer is the longest preview yet of the film. The seventh episode in the series picks up three decades after the events of Return of the Jedi (1983) and, as the trailer shows, features many of the characters from the original trilogy.

JJ Abrams’s space opera will premiere in Los Angeles on 14 December – a few days before it opens worldwide, on 17 December in the UK and Australia, and in the following day in the US.

Cinema websites in the UK have already crashed under the weight of demand for first screenings of the film, which will have a running time of 136 minutes.


We now have nearly 2,500 photos in the gallery. We spend last week collecting all the missing images and screencapping various interviews etc of Daisy. Head on over to check out these and more…


We have added x54 screencaps of Daisy Ridley in the “100% BEEF” short which was an entry to Four4 film competition 2013 by Mike Batecko. Four4 is a short film competition from River Film challenging film makers to produce a film consisting of just 4 shots, which are each 4 seconds long. This year’s theme is “horror”. You can watch the video, here.


We have added x24 screencaps of Daisy in the ASOS “Africa” Ad Campaign …


We have added x49 screencaps of Daisy in Angel & Tinchy Stryders Music Video “Lights On” to the gallery …


We have added x88 screencaps and x05 behind the scenes photos of Daisy from the trailer of her upcoming film Scrawl