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Welcome to Daisy-Ridley.Com your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented British actress. Daisy plays the lead role of Rey in the 2015 Star Wars film: The Force Awakens. Please browse the site for more information and visit our image gallery. We will continue to bring you daily Daisy updates! Please email us if you have something to add to Daisy-Ridley.Com xoxo
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Daisy hits the cover of Empire UK’s October 2017 issue, scans added to the gallery…


We have added various new photos to the image gallery, including photoshoot outtakes, magazine scans, on set filming photos and some public appearances…


We have added various new/old magazine scans to the gallery…


We have added various new photos to the image gallery… Don’t forget, tonight is the London, UK premiere for Star Wars: The Force Awakens!!

x16 Personal Photos Various
x14 Star Wars Themed ANAs Jets Presentation December 15th 2015
x01 Sunday Times Style December 2015
x01 Friday Magazine December 2015
x01 Set 006 Photoshoot Add
x01 New/Old Headshot Photo Add
x04 Set 018 Photoshoot HQ Update
x21 Star Wars: The Force Awakens LA Press Conference December 4th 2015
x68 Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hollywood Premiere December 14th 2015


We have added various new/old magazine scans to the gallery…


We have added x11 scans from UK’s Glamour Magazine to the gallery …


We have added x3 new magazine scans of Daisy from Deadline, Cinemania and August Man to the image gallery …


Huge thank you to Kathye over at gwendoline-christie.com for sharing some STAR WARS magazine scans with us. We also have a gorgeous new photoshoot pic of Daisy from Studio Cine Live!


We have added all x scans from the STAR WARS feature in EMPIRE magazine’s January 2016 issue…


We ave added the STAR WARS feature scans from Entertainment Weekly to the gallery …