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We found an article by Sweedish Magazine DiWeekend, we have translated it best we could and added x2 accompanying photos!

In the Hotel suite in London, at our round table interview now sits the new film’s protagonist, Daisy Ridley, 23, with her strong English accent. She has a constant blinding white smile from cheek to cheek, that gets us in the room to smile as much.

Daisy Ridley looks strangely familiar. She resembles someone. Before I have time to think the name has anyone else in the EU delegation inquired about it.

“Yes, yes, I keep getting told that I look like people. Keira Knightley, just that I hear all the time. But I also hear that I’m like the others. People say I resemble their friend Anne or Lisa or another. I apparently have a ‘very similar to many andra’-look. ”

With this she explains, too, without saying why she got the role.

Daisy Ridley has no history with them, no associations. Many eyebrows were raised when the new director JJ Abrams – who with George Lucas’s blessing completely taken over the helm – chose not to invest in an established film star, but a completely unknown British made no småroller in the TV series.

“Of course I was nervous during the filming. I had never done a movie with famous actors. I had never made ​​a film at all. It was scary to work with Harrison Ford was not because he is famous, but because he is such a good actor. ”

The new film The Force Awakens takes place 30 years after the act in the sixth installment, Return of the Jedi (recorded 1983). An intelligent solution in many ways: the main protagonists from the original films – Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Chewbacca – can appear in supporting roles and naturally be 30 years older.

What the three have been able to learn about what is now waiting? Star Wars fans are notoriously fanatical.
“Carrie has been so kind. When my mother visited the filming took Carrie also care for her. When people want you to take photos with one, you can feel how their hearts bolts. Carrie has learned that there is something not to be afraid of. People love something so much is something good. Star Wars is a very personal experience. “

To Daisy Ridley is the female fixed point on the poster makes it easy to associate her original films Carrie Fisher in the role of Princess Leia, but her role in The Force Awakens looks more like Luke Skywalker.

Daisy Ridley plays Rey, a poor girl on a desert planet. “Not Tatooine, but Jakku, it’s a whole new level,” she adds, pointing to our notebook, already accustomed to no one on Wookieepedia, the Star Wars fans’ very own version of Wikipedia, like the errors.

A woman from the Dutch Elle asks: “What is Rey doing that other girls will look up to her?”

“I do not think it’s just girls will look up to Rey. Leia was a princess born with privileges. Rey is not there. She is so poor that she’s looking for food. At the beginning of the film, she has nothing. Since she undergoes a journey, even an emotional journey. What I think is the nicest is that Rey does something that everyone can identify with. A person that surpasses their expectations of themselves. “

Star Wars is sometimes seen as a boys’ book fantasy, but there has been strong female characters in films.

“I have not grown up with Star Wars. I’m not a fan. Not a fan of any film or series. Reading books is more my thing. But what is clear is that many people underestimate how big the female part of the audience is. “

Many will the next few years to consider and assess you as a role model for young women, how do you see it?
“If I was the one that partied a lot, I would be more worried about it. But all I do is sit at home and watch the program The Great British Bake Off, haha. I try to tell myself, ‘You have to behave more like a normal twenty years old, but I’m old before my time. “

Then she spends two minutes of valuable interview time to discussing progress in the last section of The Great British Bake Off, while a desperate posted from a film magazine tear their hair and may delete all questions about spaceships.

“But in terms of responsibility, if I can take responsibility for anything, it is to be an ordinary girl. If I had a little sister – I just have older sisters – so I would think it was great to present Rey for her. A character that is not over sexualised, that does not show in a bikini, but do very cool things. “

How much training did you do for the role?
“It was three months of hard training. An hour weight training day, four hours of training with guns, swords and climbing. “

How did you get the role?
“Through auditions. The process lasted seven months. There were a total of five auditions during that time, with a long and protracted waiting period in between. To the first, I was so nervous that I arrived an hour early, and locked myself in the toilet. After the audition number two, I had built up my expectations so much that I was convinced that I would fuck it up. But then I felt more and more comfortable. In the very last audition were the scenes to be used in the film. I felt it went well and went home and ate a whole packet of biscuits. “

Did you tell anyone that you got the part?
“I told mom, dad and one of my sister. My other sister was in Australia. For a long time, she knew nothing. It was so secret that I dared not send text messages or talk on the phone. “

Even John Boyega testify to an equally long process before he got the role.

“It started with a phone call from my agent, as it always does. Then there was a first meeting in a small room like this in central London. Then began a seven-month X Factor-like exclusion process, “says John Boyega.

How many others were competing against you?
“I always say this: when I do an audition, it’s just me in the waiting room. There is no other. “

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