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Welcome to Daisy-Ridley.Com your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented British actress. Daisy plays the lead role of Rey in the 2015 Star Wars film: The Force Awakens. Please browse the site for more information and visit our image gallery. We will continue to bring you daily Daisy updates! Please email us if you have something to add to Daisy-Ridley.Com xoxo
Site Information

Name: Daisy Ridley Fan
Opened: January 2015
By: Jess
URL 1: http://www.daisy-ridley.com
URL 2: http://www.daisyridleyfan.com
URL 3: http://www.daisy-ridley.co.uk

Who started this site?
Jessica, a girl from England. I live with my boyfriend and two cats in a small seaside town.

When the news broke that Daisy was to take the lead female role in JJ Abrams Star Wars I decided to open a fansite for her, it wasn’t until Christmas that I had the time to actually put it together and launch. Being a JJ Abrams fan, I’m really enjoying following the Star Wars hype and Daisy’s career too.

How much time does it take to manage?
Every morning I’ll do a little search for news on Daisy if I find something I post it. So not long, about half an hour every day or two.

Do you have any other fansites?
Yes, I have a few. Head over to my collective here to view my others.

Do you need any help?
Sure! I always need help managing fansites, if you have any clippings, scans, screencaps or general info on Daisy, please let us know. If you are interested in becoming a co-web also drop us a line.

How do you power the site?
It’s hosted at thefancarpet.com and runs on WordPress and Coppermine platforms.

What’s your favorite Daisy role?
I’ve watched a lot of Daisy’s small TV performances, which are all really good. It’s hard to see what she’s really capable of, that is until Star Wars 7!