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The diversity of the cast in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has been a hot topic on the Internet, bringing to the surface some ugly racism present in the fan community. One aspect of the film in particular that attracted nasty comments was the casting of John Boyega as a stormtrooper, a controversy Boyega did not shy away from in a recent interview alongside costar Daisy Ridley.

From the very first trailers it was apparent that Boyega plays a prominent role in the film. His character Finn starts out as a stormtrooper but undergoes an “epic journey” that lands him on the side of the good guys. Ridley plays the seemingly humble role of Rey, a “scavenger in a ship graveyard” on the desert planet Jakku.

Speaking to EW, both actors talked about the depth to their characters and how they’re not just stereotypes but three-dimensional and nuanced. Boyega touched on the subject and backlash to Finn, and was confident about the role that Star Wars: The Force Awakens could play in the new landscape of cinema.

“We see through the eyes of children that they’re not talking about race the way we grown folks are. They’re not talking about color or how much melanin is in someone’s skin. That should teach us something… We’ve been having a continuous struggle with idiots, and now we should just force them to understand – and I love the way I just used Force there, by the way – just force people to see this is the new world. There are loads of people of different shades and backgrounds. Get used to it.”

Boyega, who in the past has dismissed critics of his role in the film, also spoke about Finn’s character arc – which promises to be very interesting since the leap from stormtrooper to a member of the Resistance is pretty substantial.

“It’s about looking for a greater purpose, rather than thinking ‘this is the only thing I can do.’ He wants to change. He wants to make a difference. He’s trying to find some kind of moral dignity in this war.”

Ridley was equally enthusiastic about Rey and spoke about her fierce independence:

“There was no one really guiding her. She’s never sat around a table and had a meal with someone else. She has a boss, she has someone to answer to, she has to trade the junk for food, and that’s how it has to be. She works to feed herself, and she goes to sleep, and she gets up again. It is a sad life.”

According to Ridley, she and Boyega knew what they would be getting into ahead of time in playing Star Wars characters who were not white men.

“John and I had a conversation last year and we both knew that was how it was going to be. He was going to be the black guy and I was going to be the girl. I think neither of those things could ever be a bad thing.”

That The Force Awakens has generated any controversy simply by having more diverse lead roles than in past films is an unfortunate reminder of the worst that the Internet commentariat has to offer. For Ridley, though, the hope is that everyone will find something to like in her character. “My main thing is that people connect with her, regardless of gender, color, age.”

With talented and enthusiastic actors such as Boyega and Ridley on board, hopefully critics and audiences will find their characters as interesting and engaging as the actors do.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters on December 18th, 2015, followed by Rogue One: A Star Wars Story on December 16th, 2016, Star Wars: Episode VIII on May 26th, 2017, and the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film on May 25th, 2018. Star Wars: Episode IX is expected to reach theaters in 2019, followed by the third Star Wars Anthology film in 2020.

Source: EW


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With the arrival of Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens, Daisy Ridley is about to go from unknown to intergalactic icon. Writer (and fanboy) Seth Plattner meets the new girl on fire for ELLE’s December issue cover story, on newsstands nationwide November 17.

British actress Daisy Ridley is only 23, but the maelstrom that is building around her is nearly 40 years in the making. On December 18, Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens will hit planet Earth, heralding the most anticipated sequel since the New Testament. Landing a role in the long-awaited new installment in the epic about that galaxy far, far away would be a game changer for any actress. This is Star Wars, after all—the more than $4.5 billion–grossing, six-film saga that has perhaps the cultiest following in the history of all that is geeky and cinematic (in a 2001 worldwide census, 500,000 people listed “Jedi Knight” as their official religion).

But for Ridley, The Force Awakens is not only her first multizillion-dollar tentpole studio extravaganza: It’s her first movie. Ever. And with due respect to Princess Leia and Queen Amidala, this is no damsel role, nor is it that of supportive sidekick to the guys who are really driving the Millennium Falcon. If the rampant fan speculation on the hundreds of Reddit, StarWars.com, and TheForce.net message boards—along with the whispers out of Hollywood—is true, Ridley’s character, Rey, will be the first female protagonist in the series’ four-decade history.

Here, in an excerpt from ELLE’s December cover story, four reasons Daisy Ridley is ready to take on Rey:

The diet—”lots of fish, legumes, and spirulina shakes,” Ridley says—and three months of grueling training: five hours a day, five days a week at the gym plus stunt practice at London’s Pinewood studios. “It became my solace,” she says of a fitness schedule she’s largely maintained in order to stay in Rey shape for reshoots, as well as the next, soon-to-film sequel in the series. “Because it’s the only thing structured in my life right now. Training is sort of a therapy session, I guess.”

“I couldn’t tell any of my friends,” she continues. “I told my mum and my sisters— then my sister told her boyfriend, and my mum told her friend. I was like, ‘Great, guys—you are great.'”

“We were told about this scorpion in Abu Dhabi that, if it stabbed you, you needed treatment within half an hour,” Ridley recalls with a laugh. “There was this bit where I was lying in the sand, and if a scorpion got me, the nearest hospital was an hour away. So I was like, I could die right now. I could be dead in half an hour.” Knowing that, she still stayed there for as long as the scene took, displaying a grit that will come in handy when, as [Harrison] Ford puts it, “the whole world’s coming at her.”

“[Rey is] so strong. She’s cool and smart and she can look after herself. Young girls can look at her and know that they can wear trousers if they want to,” Ridley promises. “That they don’t have to show off their bodies.”

To find how Ridley got the part, what it was really like behind-the-scenes, and why J.J. Abrams knew Daisy could be “the face of the new Star Wars,” pick up the December issue of ELLE, on newsstands nationwide November 17.


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Hollywood Reporter Behind the Scenes Interview/Photoshoot

ASOS Photoshoot Outtakes

ASOS Interview Screencaps

Official Star Wars VII Japan Trailer Screencaps

Daisy Spotted in West London October 2015



A TV spot for the Force Awakens sees Han Solo on a snowy planet, while hinting at a Skywalker family connection.

A TV spot for long-awaited Star Wars sequel The Force Awakens has been unveiled, and as we’ve come to expect it’s chock-full of exciting hints about what to expect from the new movie.

Among the new footage is a scene of Rey fighting off some villains with her trusty staff, Han Solo on an icy planet (rather like his time spent on Hoth in 1980’s The Empire Strikes back, no?), Kylo Ren doing some more cool stuff with his lightsaber and a desperate X-Wing attack on an enemy base. Still no Luke, though…

And if we’re not mistaken, that narration seems to be hinting that either Rey (Daisy Ridley), Poe (Oscar Isaac) or Finn (John Boyega) have some sort of family connection to the Skywalker clan – but then we might have guessed that one already.

Frankly, we’re getting disgustingly excited about this movie – December 17th can’t come soon enough.


John Boyega and Daisy Ridley lead THR’s annual list of Hollywood talent, age 35 and under, on the rise. Few personal stories evidence the rags-to-riches nature of success in Hollywood better than that of Daisy Ridley. In early 2014, she was an unknown British actress whose experience consisted of a few tiny roles and a lot of rejection.

What a difference a year makes. On Dec. 18, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is poised to launch Ridley and fellow 23-year-old Brit John Boyega into the galaxy of superstardom. Their stories aren’t much different from those of the eight other actors age 35 and under who made THR’s annual Next Generation talent list.

Before landing one of the most coveted roles of the decade, Star Wars: The Force Awakens heroine Daisy Ridley had become accustomed to disappointment. In the months leading up to her first audition for Episode VII‘s female lead, the 23-year-old actress’ confidence was shattered. Just one week into a gig with a small workshop, she was told not to bother coming back. And then after nabbing a lead role in the E4 series Youngers, the part was cut down to just one day of filming. “I was kind of used to things not happening, so I just felt the whole way through [the Episode VII audition process], ‘I’m going to lose the job. They’re going to find someone better than me,'” she recalls. Even her first two Star Wars auditions were underwhelming — at least from her perspective. Remarkably, Ridley kept getting called back, and something clicked in that final audition, propelling her past the horde of hopefuls. Now, she says with a degree of satisfaction, “I’ve got opportunities I didn’t have before.” That’s an understatement.

Though the CAA-repped actress is well booked with Episode VIII, which begins shooting in January in London, and then Episode IX, she will soon be familiar to a globe-spanning fan base and presumably have her pick of roles and directors. But even after seizing the role of Rey, Ridley continued to face rejection. She recounts being turned down for an unnamed film role in the past year after a sweat-induced wardrobe malfunction in front of a casting agent. “I’m sure the star they cast is much better than me,” she muses. Perhaps it’s that self-deprecating air that helped win overForce Awakens director J.J. Abrams and the Lucasfilm brass. And whether her career trajectory is more Harrison Ford or Hayden Christensen, Ridley has a backup plan in play: She’s begun taking courses for a psychology degree. And of course, she’s staying put in London, where she lives with her family and her deaf and blind dog named Muffin. “I love to come to L.A. to visit, and then I like to come to rainy old London because it’s home,” she says. The Hollywood Reporter talked to Ridley about her impossible ascent from obscurity to Next Gen Hollywood force.

How did you land the part of Rey?

I had heard about the role quite a while before I auditioned, and I emailed my agent that I have this really weird feeling; I really feel like I need to audition. Then months went by and the same people were reading for it. But I still really had this feeling of needing to read for it. So I emailed my agent again for an audition. I had four or five auditions over seven months, and it was a very emotional time. My first few auditions really didn’t feel good, but my last audition suddenly felt like something clicked. You’re so desperate to get a role, but I felt like even if I didn’t get it, I did a good job, I’d done myself proud.

What did that call from J.J. feel like?

It was weird because by that time I knew the field was quite narrow, so I was just relieved that I was about to know either way. I just remember kicking this bottle on the street as I was walking in central London, thinking that this is just a normal moment.

How did you deal with the secrecy involved with Star Wars?

I got home and told my mum and dad and sister, but then I couldn’t tell anyone for three months, knowing that something monumental had happened in my life. The day before they were going to do the announcement, I was talking to my mum, and I said, “I’ve wanted to tell everyone for ages and now I don’t want to.” And she said it was like being pregnant, when you’re desperate for the baby to come out and then the baby’s there and you’re like, “Go away, go away. I can’t handle it.” Once everyone knew it was a whole other thing.

How are you similar to or different than Rey?

The main difference is that she didn’t have a family and I have a family that I’m close to. Otherwise I’d say the way we deal with things is similar. She faces a lot of challenges throughout the film, and the way she reacts to things I think is kind of the way anyone would. That’s why I think she’s so universal and brilliant: She’s frightened but she faces up to what she needs to. And she’s brave and smart, and you see an entire emotional spectrum of her throughout the film. She’s not a superhero. She’s a normal girl thrust into extraordinary circumstances, so it’s very relatable. It’s an emotional story about a girl on a journey, but the story is a lot more than that.

What did training entail?

It was three months. Basically, J.J. wanted me to look stronger because I was pretty reedy before. I was doing weights. I had to up my food intake because he basically just wanted me to look as if I could raise a piece of junk and look strong enough. So there was a big emphasis on “getting guns,” as they say. It was going in five hours a day, and it would be an hour of fitness and then four hours of stunt stuff.

How did you handle the diet component?

I actually found it really difficult because it was protein. I don’t know anyone who eats that much, because I eat a lot, and I was like, “There’s too much hot stuff going into my body.” I had this incredible chef. He made shakes and bars. But putting on muscle is really hard. You feel like you’re constantly eating, and it’s not enjoyable. I ate a lot of fish. Spirulina became my best friend.

Read More: hollywoodreporter.com


A new trailer for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” materialized Friday, this time on the Walt Disney Studios Japan YouTube page, and it is full of images and moments that haven’t been included in earlier teasers and trailers for the hotly anticipated movie.


The anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is killing you. It’s OK; we know it is because we feel the same way. Chances are you have already planned out how and where you will see it when the film premieres next month. Now it seems even Daisy Ridley have plans of their own.

Appearing in a new interview with ASOS, Ridley – who plays new Star Wars character Rey in The Force Awakens — was accompanied by fellow Star Warsnewcomer John Boyega as they opened up regarding what they will do the day Star Wars: The Force Awakens comes to theaters. Ridley’s plans are as follows:

I’m going to curl up on a ball and cry, and hope people like me.

Based on the promotional materials that have been released for the film thus far, Rey seems to be pretty firmly established as one of the film’s core protagonists. As such, it seems unlikely that fans will dislike her based off of her moral affiliation in the film. Which means that she’s mostly concerned with whether or not fans will respond positively to her performance as the character.

It’s not an off-base hope, considering the franchise has been responsible for creating beloved and reviled characters in equal measure. Following this statement, ASOS was kind enough to insert the Wilhelm screen into the interview – a trademark of theStar Wars films – which has us hoping that doesn’t signal anything ominous for Daisy Ridley or her character. Ridley’s concerns for the film seem to mirror our own, as we hope we like her too.

Compared to Ridley, John Boyega – who portrays the possible Jedi, Finn, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – maintains his composure a little more, stating that he would watch the movie at a local cinema to be among the fans that have waited so long. His enthusiasm stems from his desire to see the Star Wars saga brought back to the big screen properly. That being said both of the actors seem equally nervous and excited about what is coming. Seldom has a film maintained such widespread anticipation prior to its release, although according to what Harrison Ford said last week when he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, we won’t be disappointed.

You can check out the whole interview below to see the other questions the two young actors answered: